Giving all Middlesbrough’s children and Young people the necessary support to build resilience to achieve good Emotional health

NECS works across the UK to support health and social care customers in meeting strategic and operational challenges, to improve outcomes and increase efficiency.

In 2015 the Government’s Future in Mind report was published, providing national recognition of the need to make dramatic improvements in children’s mental health services.

The Headstart programme has been developed in response to these needs and aims to introduce support within school, home, the community and on-line.

Organisations from the public and voluntary sector have joined together to transform services with the ambition of giving all Middlesbrough’s children and young people the necessary support to build resilience to achieve good emotional health; providing support at an early stage to prevent the onset of common mental health conditions.

Emotional well-being, and resilience in children and young people is a prerequisite to educational attainment, social relationships, positive choices and behaviours, life opportunities and aspirations, physical health and length and quality of life. Achieving this ambition requires systemic and sustainable change, working in partnership to commission differently, sharing resources and budgets, co-producing.

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